There’s a light in the attic.
Though the house is dark,

I can see you from the outside.
And I know you’re inside… lookin’ out.


Even though we know your clothes will never we needed, I keep them upstairs locked so that you can never find the key and unlock the chest.

I was just a plaything,
And you kept me underneath your clothes, underneath your skin and underneath your beauty,

I yearn to caress your opalescent skin so that to soothe your divine soul……
You want to be remembered as the woman who is cherished,
I want to remember you as the woman who made me happy, when she couldn’t even make herself happy,


When you move, you move more ways than one,
When you smile, you smile more ways than one,
When you leave, you leave in so many ways,
And when you carelessly look at me, you look at me in all the ways I’ve ever been looked at

I try to capture the image of your glistening muscles and the symmetry of their perfection,

Sometimes, I kneel there in the attic touching your image whilst remembering the dark summers we had,

I am a casual observer of your beauty,

As I try to tell you: Be sinful, woman!, you can only imagine the power of my words. How come you’re not hearing?

MAN? Only I am a part of a woMAN.

Text de Rodica Ionescu



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