About Bogdan Grigore

I can’t sing, I can’t paint and I can’t write how I feel, so all I have left is photography to express myself.

I’m trainer on communication, persuasion, sales, improvisation. ( http://bogdangrigore.ro )
One of my biggest passions is photography.

Photography is one of my favorite ways of discovering new views on the world and  the beauty of  the people around me. I focus on portraits, street photography and artistic nudes.

Experience : over 100 shootings during 14 years of photography.  I live in Bucharest,but I travel all around Romania. I also have international experiences in : London, Paris, Rio de Janerio, New York, Kiev, Stocholm, Gotteborg, Barcelona, Zagreb, Copenhagen and Puerto Rico.

I founded  a improvisation theatre group where i used to play with my collegues to entertain audiences. I enjoy role-playing games, and try to apply that in my shootings also. I deliver workshops and trainings on improvisation. More details about that on : http://improvizatie.ro

I’ve graduated Psychology, so i love communicating. I also enjoy assisting others in exploring themself or facing their fears and challenge their limits.

I love traveling, meeting people from different cultures helps me open up and finding new perspectives on understanding life and becoming more flexible.

I also enjoy contemporary dance, and from time to time i take some classes. It helps me explore my non-verbal part of me…the intelligence of my body. You can watch one of my performance in London : http://www.vimeo.com/26478755

My Gear :  Fuji , Sony R1 , Lomo Lubitel 166B  and Olympus EPL2

You can also support me on Facebook : Photos by Bogdan Grigore

  1. victor botez spune:

    Salut! Imi plac f mult fotografiile tale.Eu am un Nikon D5000.Poti sa-mi dai cateva sfaturi despre folosirea lui.Mc frumos

  2. Ghost Writer spune:

    nu e de ajuns sa ai un aparat bun …nu e de ajuns sa iti
    placa…trebuie mai mult.

  3. Monica spune:

    Foarte interesante pozele, se vede ca e ceva acolo, in spate. Cred ca ar fi un bun challenge pt tine insa sa arati mai clar acel ceva incercand sa inlocuiesti nudurile ‘perfecte’ cu forme care sa te ajute mai putin. Fotografii care sa atraga privirea mai degraba prin nota de creativitate sau sentiment decat prin frumusetea intrinseca a corpurilor.

  4. lorisfloris spune:

    Foarte frumoase fotografiile tale, succes!

  5. Linda spune:

    impresionant…mai ales cele alb negru….like like like

  6. […] Actually, the bubble in this picture was really present at the scene. It’s a soap bubble Bogdan Grigore captured with his magic hand and eye on the 4th day of CROS Camp 2012 – […]

  7. CristinaC spune:

    Buna as dori si eu un nr de telefon pentru a programa o sedinta foto. Astept raspunsul tau pe mail. Multumesc!

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