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“Chacun voit midi à sa porte” – The literal translation goes like this: “Everyone sees noon at his doorstep.” It means that every individual is occupied, first and foremost, with his or her own personal interests, and each feels their subjective opinions as objective truths.

bogdan grigore - nuduri artistice - Chacun voit

Shooting realizat intr-o superba vila interbelica care este disponibila pentru inchiriere.
Aici gasiti mai multe detalii :

Bogdan Grigore - Nuduri artistice - Rembrandt Hotel

Bogdan Grigore - Iphone photography - 12

I have sometimes thoughts that distort me.

Bogdan Grigore - nuduri artistice - distort me

Günther works for BMW. He is in charge of the after-sales process in the Western and Nordic part of Europe. I met him on the streets of Stockholm. We were both looking for a metro station. We discussed about buying habits of European and about the economic explosion of China.

O fotografie din ultima calatorie in Olanda.